Recording in Richmond

We just got back from a three-day session at the Sound of Music studios in Richmond. SOM is located in an old factory in an historic, dirty, and possibly haunted part of Richmond, and the main room there is an enormous white room with 30ft tin ceiling and lots of personality. We laid down basics (well, really more than basics) for most of our next record, and it was a great experience. The problem with recording is always that the live energy and the ‘vibe’ that a live performance creates, gets squashed and sucked dry until you’re left with some barely recognizable artifact. It’s like translating something into Japanese and back into English: something gets lost.

But this time, we just all set up in the big room and let it fly. I even did some vocals live. So the guitar, bass, drums, keys, etc. all share the same air, bleed into each other, and sound like a band playing together. Some instruments had to be overdubbed just because they’re too quiet to be picked up in a rosom1om with all that racket going on – vibraphone and violin mostly. We’re really looking forward to working more on these recordings and we’ll keep you posted and maybe even post a little preview as we move forward in the process…

Some songs we’re working on:

Tender Age
World’s Too Much
All at Once
I Don’t Believe It
Gun to My Head
Wasted Chemistry
Wither on the Vine
Gone Go the Memories
Guo Qu
Ruined My Plans
23 o’ Clock
Good Time to Leave

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