Another Warm Sendoff

kamasutraWell, these blogs could get monotonous if this keeps happening, but we sold out the Pour House in Raleigh last night for the first time. Unlike the Cradle show (which I enjoyed more in retrospect than at the time), I felt like I was right plumb in the center of this one in real time last night. The Jackets opened and set the good-time bar pretty damn high, especially with Peter Lamb’s sax playing. For the first five or six songs of our set, these two girls were reenacting the kama sutra on the edge of the stage right in front of me. It was, er, a bit distracting, but not the kind of thing I wanted to discourage per se. But once they presumably found more comfortable surroundings to try the really advanced postures, there was really a collective feeling between the crowd and the band, and the whole night sailed by like a big, sweaty majestic freighter.

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